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State Patrol Trooper/Inspector physical agility testing

Obstacle course | Traffic hazard | Rescue | Arrest resistor | Physical fitness standards

Wisconsin State Patrol trooper/inspector positions require candidates to be in good physical and mental condition. All candidates, regardless of previous experience or state service, must successfully complete all phases of the physical agility testing process.

  • Obstacle course
  • Traffic hazard removal and aid
  • Rescue simulation
  • Arrest resistor

Obstacle course

The candidate will sit behind the steering wheel of a standard patrol car with his/her hands resting on the steering wheel. At the sound of a whistle, the candidate will exit the car and run a distance of 40 yards, make a left turn, weave in and out of a series of cones for 40 yards and end by climbing/jumping a four foot barrier. All candidates must complete the obstacle course in 29 seconds or less.

Traffic hazard removal and aid

The candidate will move two objects of different sizes to simulate removal of hazards and administration of first aid:

  • Tire debris weighing approximately 60 pounds must be lifted, carried, dragged or pulled a distance of 30 feet.
  • A first-aid kit weighing approximately 30 pounds must be lifted and carried a distance of 60 feet.

All candidates must complete this course in 18 seconds or less.

Rescue simulation

The candidate will stand 3 feet from a patrol car with the door closed. At the sound of a whistle, the candidate will remove a dummy weighing approximately 165 pounds from the car. The dummy must be dragged, lifted or carried for 60 feet to a line which is marked by two yellow standards. The dummy's feet must cross the line within 49 seconds.

Arrest resistor

The candidate will sit in a car with the door closed. At the sound of a whistle, the candidate will exit the car and sprint 15 yards. From here the candidate will pull the arms of an arrest resistor together by grasping the left arm with the left hand and grasping the right arm with the right hand and hold them together for 3 seconds. The entire process must be completed in 15 seconds or less. 

Physical fitness performance standards during the recruit class.

For more information contact the State Patrol Academy at (608) 269-2500 ext. 0, or Cathie Cunningham at (608) 266-3425.

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