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Dealer forms and publications

The following documents are in Adobe PDF format, except where noted.

Dealer and agent quick links

Commonly used forms:


  • MV15 Wisconsin Dealer Low Speed Vehicle Title and License Plate Application
  • MV1046 Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Dealer Irrevocable Letter of Credit
  • MV2034 Motor Vehicle Manufacturer, Manufacturer Branch, Distributor or Distributor Branch Two Year License Application
  • MV2085 Motor Vehicle Dealer Service Agreement
  • MV2131 Manufacturer/Importer/Distributor Certification of Dealer
  • MV2176 Additional or Replacement Plates Application (Dealers)
  • MV2177 Motor Vehicle or Motorcycle Plates Only Application (Dealers)
  • MV2180 Motor Vehicle Salvage Dealer or Recycler Two Year License Application
  • MV2183 Financial Statement Instructions (for form MV2195)
  • MV2184 Salesperson/Representative License Application
  • MV2185 Application for Demonstration License Plate by Dealer, Distributor or Manufacturer
  • MV2186 Motor Vehicle Dealer Two Year License Application
  • MV2187 Recreational Vehicle Dealer Two Year License Application
  • MV2195 Financial Statement
  • MV2286 Motor Vehicle Transporter License Plates Application
  • MV2338 Dealer Complaint Record
  • MV2338s Dealer Complaint Record (Spanish)
  • MV2340 Dealer/Agent Rescinded Sale Statement of Fact
  • MV2459 Junked Vehicle Bill of Sale
  • MV2492 Motor Vehicle Auction Dealer Two Year License Application
  • MV2511 Dealer Bond
  • MV2535 Recreational Vehicle Dealer Service Agreement
  • MV2651 Salvage Buyer Identification (BID) Card Application
  • MV2691 Motor Vehicle Lemon Law Notice and Nonconformity Report
  • MV2692 Vehicle Warranty Repair Request / Nonconformity Report
  • MV2694 Motor Vehicle Lemon Law Claim Report
  • MV2702 Lien Agent e-MV Application
  • MV2709 Finance Plates Application
  • MV2710 Trailer Dealer License Plates Application
  • MV2844 Entity/Owner Statement
  • MV2845 Business Facilities Statement
  • MV2860 Motor Vehicle Wholesaler Two Year License Application
  • MV2861 Moped Dealer Two Year License Application
  • MV2928 Instructions for Selling a Vehicle
  • MV2941 Buyer's License Application
  • MV2984 Electronic Record Storage Statement and Guidelines (maintain business records electronically)
  • MV3180 Motor Vehicle Business Facilities Statement
  • MV3181 Motorcycle Business Facilities Statement
  • MV3182 Moped Business Facilities Statement
  • MV3183 Recreational Vehicle Business Facilities Statement
  • MV3184 Salvage Type 1 Business Facilities Statement
  • MV3185 Salvage Type 2 Business Facilities Statement
  • MV3186 Salvage Type 3 Business Facilities Statement
  • MV3187 Salvage Type 4 Business Facilities Statement
  • MV3188  Wholesale Business Facilities Statement
  • MV3189  Auction Business Facilities Statement


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