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Motor vehicle salesperson manual


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     Availability of vehicles
     "Clearance" merchandise
     Damaged vehicles
     Dealer name on advertising
     Free merchandise
     Lease vehicles
     Model year
     New vehicle discount
     Trade-in allowance
     Used vehicle pricing guides
     Vehicle prices
And/or (see Title and registration)
"As-is" vehicles (see Warranty
Availability of vehicles (see Advertising)


Bushing (see contract price increases Purchase contract)


Canceling a contract (see Purchase contract)
"Clearance" merchandise (see Advertising)
Consignment sales
     Bushing (see Purchase contract)
     Canceling (see Purchase contract)
Criminal convictions (see Eligibility)

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Damage disclosure statement (see Disclosure of new vehicles)
Damaged vehicles (see Advertising)
     License plates (see Title and registration)
     Name on advertising (see Advertising)
     Supplemental price label (see Disclosure of new vehicles)

Dealership groups (see Eligibility)
Denials and appeals (see Eligibility)
Disciplinary action and illegal activities
Disclosure of new vehicles
     Damage disclosure statement
     Dealer supplemental price label
     Emission standards certificate
     Manufacturer’s suggested retail price label (MSRP)
     Model year disclosure
     Pre-delivery inspection sheet
     Vehicle information required before sale

Disclosure of used vehicles
     Material vehicle history
     Not inspected for sale sticker
     Odometer disclosure
     Odometer repair
     Pending recalls
     Previous owner     
     Reasonable care standard
     Wisconsin Buyers Guide
Duplicate salesperson license (see Eligibility)


Eligibility for salesperson license
     Changing employing dealerships
     Criminal convictions
     Dealership groups
     Denials and appeals
     Duplicate license
     Exam for first time salesperson
     Lapsed license
     Renewing license
     Terminating employment

Emission standards certificate (see Disclosure of new vehicles)
Employment, terminating (see Eligibility)
Exam for first time salesperson (see Eligibility)

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Free merchandise (see Advertising)


Illegal activities (see Disciplinary action and illegal activities)


Lapsed license (see Eligibility)
Laws related to vehicle sales
Lease vehicles (see Advertising)
Liens (see Title and registration)


Manufacturer’s suggested retail price label (MSRP) (see Disclosure of new vehicles)
Material vehicle history (see Disclosure of used vehicles)
Minors, selling to (see Purchase contract)
Model year
     Advertising (see Advertising)
     Disclosure (see Disclosure of new vehicles)


New vehicle discount (see Advertising)
Non-acceptance of vehicle (see Prelease agreements)
Not inspected for sale sticker (see Disclosure of used vehicles)


     Disclosure (see Disclosure of used vehicles, Title and registration)
     Repair (see Disclosure of used vehicles)
Off-premise sales (see Purchase contract)
Operator license during test drive (see Test drives)

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Penalty for not accepting vehicle (see Prelease agreements)
Plate transfer (see Title and registration)
Pre-delivery inspection sheet (see Disclosure of new vehicles)
Prelease agreements  
     Non-acceptance penalty

Previous owner (see Disclosure of used vehicles)
     Advertising price of vehicles (see Advertising)
     Increases on contract (see Purchase contract)
     Protection (see Purchase contract)
Pricing guides, used vehicles (see Advertising)

Purchase contract
     "As-is" vehicles
     Canceling a contract
     Contract price increases
     Contract requirements
     Off-premise sales
     Price protection
     Sales to minors
     Trade-in reappraisal
     When a contract is required


Reasonable care standard (see Disclosure of used vehicles) Recalls (see Disclosure of used vehicles)
Record keeping
Renewing salesperson license (see Eligibility)
Replacement titles (see Title and registration)
Requirements for a salesperson license (see Eligibility)

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Sales to minors (see Purchase contract)


Terminating employment (see Eligibility)
Test drives

Title and registration
     Customer with plates to transfer
     Customer without plates to transfer
     Dealer license plates
     Odometer disclosures
     Replacement titles
     Title brands
     Transfer of ownership

     Brands (see Title and registration)
     Jumping (see Title and registration -Transfer of ownership)
     Allowance (see Advertising)
     Reappraisal (see Purchase contract)

     Salesperson license to new employer (see Eligibility)
     Vehicle ownership (see Title and registration)


Used Vehicle (see Advertising, Disclosure of used vehicles)
     Pricing guides, used vehicle (see Advertising)


     "As-is" vehicles (see Warranty)
     Availability of vehicles (see Advertising)
     Prices (see Advertising)


     "As-is" vehicles
Wisconsin Buyers Guide (see Disclosure of used vehicles)

You may also download the entire Motor Vehicle Salesperson Manual as one document.

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