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In This Together case study - WIS 35 (Tower Ave.)
Superior, Douglas County

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Project information

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) completed a 1.2-mile project on WIS 35/Tower Avenue, in the City of Superior in the spring of 2014. The $13.4 million WisDOT project was developed in coordination with the City of Superior and the Superior Business Improvement District (BID) to incorporate the community vision of a roadway that addressed both infrastructure and safety issues of an urban highway, but would also enhance the revitalization of the downtown corridor.

A large amount of design details and coordination with the City, BID, and stakeholders, such as the Duluth Transit Authority, was accomplished and worked out prior to construction. Extensive public involvement through both the design and construction phases through a public campaign called “We Dig Downtown Superior.” The campagin, implemented by BID, will continue to be used for the future reconstruction of Belknap Street in Superior.

The attention grabbing “We Dig Downtown Superior” traffic cone logo was beneficial for businesses and visitors within the construction area. Each item distributed had the recognizable logo providing the community with an easy to spot figure that linked all items of the project together.

To better inform the community of the construction project and provide answers to commonly asked questions, informational brochures were given to businesses, customers, and employees. The brochures provided details about the end results of the project and also provided information on how to stay informed with current information.

Detour and parking maps were also created and distributed, including information about traffic impacts. In addition, businesses were provided with marketing tips and suggestions to ensure their business was seen throughout the construction process.

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