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Fingerprinting for hazardous materials haulers

HazMat fingerprint appointment information:
Fieldprint code: FPWIDMVHazmat
Fieldprint website: www.FieldprintWisconsin.com

The USA Patriot Act requires all states to conduct background checks before issuing, renewing, or transferring a hazardous materials endorsement (HME) on a commercial driver license (CDL). Background checks include a fingerprint check done by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and review by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Individuals identified as posing a security threat may have the HME denied by TSA.

Visit a DMV Customer Service Center to apply

Hazmat haulers must first apply for the HME with the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Completion of the Hazardous Material endorsement application (MV3735), HME knowledge test, proof of lawful status in the U.S. and the additional $44 TSA background check fee are required. Once you have applied for the HME at the DMV, additional information on how to obtain the fingerprint collection services will be provided.

Fingerprinting process

Fieldprint has been selected as the vendor to collect fingerprints for hazmat haulers, teachers, childcare providers, private investigators, etc.

Fieldprint is only a collection point and will not review background or customer information. All collected personal data will be protected and secure. Services are provided by Fieldprint at their test/service centers throughout the U.S.

In addition to the non-refundable TSA background check fee of $44 collected by DMV, the fee for a fingerprinting and background check for a hazmat hauler will be $22.50, which will be collected by Fieldprint.

Scheduling a fingerprint appointment

When scheduling the fingerprint appointment you will be asked to provide the Fieldcode: FPWIDMVHazmat. Drivers must schedule an appointment with Fieldprint for the fingerprint service. Appointments can be scheduled at www.FieldprintWisconsin.com.

Upon scheduling your appointment, Fieldprint will provide you with appointment time and location and any documentation you will need to bring to your appointment.

Fieldprint will send fingerprints and customer information directly to the FBI and Wisconsin Department of Justice (WisDOJ). Results of the background check will then be forwarded to TSA.

If TSA determines that a driver poses a security threat, they will notify the driver and will provide information to the driver on the appeal and waiver process. Additionally, TSA will notify DMV. This process could take up to 90 days.

If it is determined a driver does not pose a security threat, DMV central office will mail a new CDL with an HME endorsement to the driver.

Questions? Contact us: Wisconsin DMV email service
Call: (608) 264-7049

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