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Instructor application and fee (MV3112)

Are you a veteran? You may qualify for a fee waiver for an initial license. Find out more!

Training (1 of 3 required)

  • 40 Hour Instructor Course (MV3261)
  • DPI certification

Applicants are exempt from the 40 hour course if the instructors, who at the time of application, are certified to teach driver education secondary schools or technical colleges by current rules of the DPI or TCSB.

Applicants are also exempt if they will be instructing customers 18 years of age or older.

9 credits in driver education

Applicants must have completed 9 college level course work credits in the field of highway/traffic safety within the last 5 years to be exempt.

Medical Certification (MV3112 Section B)

An applicant for an instructor's license shall have a medical statement completed within 90 days prior to the application date by an authorized health care practitioner on a form supplied by the department (MV3112 section B). If the applicant has a medical condition that impacts safe operation, the department may request medical documentation more frequently based on WI Admin Code Trans 112.

An authorized health care practitioner is any of the following licensed to practice in any state:

  • Physician licensed to practice medicine in any state
  • Advanced practice nurse licensed to practice nursing in any state
  • Physician assistant licensed or certified to practice in any state
  • Podiatrist licensed to practice in any state
  • Chiropractor licensed to practice chiropractic in any state
  • Christian Science practitioner residing in this state and listed in the Christian Science Journal

Tests (taken at local DMV service center)

Tests are required of all applicants for original instructor's license and whose licenses have lapsed for one or more years.

Required tests are dependent on the type of instruction being taught for Class A, B, C or D license.

If an applicant fails any test after two successive attempts, the applicant must wait one year from the date of the last test to retest.

The department may require retesting of currently licensed instructors either as part of a routine retesting program or when it has reasonable cause to doubt the continued competency of any individual instructor.


This test may be taken at any DMV service center (no appointment necessary) or at the instructor's school if participating in the CDTP.

The test is designed to evaluate the applicant's knowledge of motor vehicle and traffic laws, safety equipment requirements and functions of essential automotive equipment. A passing score is 80%

Skill (MV3543 or MV3544)

The road test must be completed in a vehicle similar to the one that will be used for instruction. The applicant shall take the road test administered by the department. The road test shall be scored in the same manner as tests given for the type of operator's licenses the applicant will instruct and shall also include an actual demonstration of procedures and techniques used for instructing drivers.

Instructor (MV3762)

This test must be taken at a DMV service center and may be administered orally. No appointment is necessary. The test will evaluate the applicant's comprehension level of WI Stat 343.60 - 343.72 and WI Admin Trans Code 105. An applicant must receive a minimum score of 80% to pass.

Oral (MV3222 or MV3717)

The applicant must describe to an examiner all safety equipment and essential automotive equipment in the vehicle. An appointment is necessary and can be scheduled with the district headquarters office.

  • Highway signs
  • Brake reaction
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Owner/Manager (MV3761 - for school owners/managers only)

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