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Computer inquiry codes

Registration type Plate type abbreviation WisDOT/ TIME inquiry code
Automobile and Special
Amateur radio AMA AR
Antique ANT AQ
Antique motorcycle AMC AQ
Celebrate Children KID CV
Civil Air Patrol CVG CV
Collector COL CL
Collector motorcycle CMC CL
Collector special CLS CS
Disabled DIS DX
Disabled veteran VET DV
Donate Life LIF CV
Ducks Unlimited DUK CV
Emergency Medical Technician CVG/EMT CV
Endangered resources END/ENN CV
Ex-prisoner of war XPW XP
Firefighter FFO/FRF CV
Gold Star Family GST CV
Golf Wisconsin GLF CV
Green Bay Packers PAK CV
Harley-Davidson/Share the road HAR CV
Historic military vehicle HMM/HMV ML
Hobbyist HOB PE
Hobbyist motorcycle HMC PE
Human services vehicle HSV PC
In God We Trust IGT CV
Law Enforcement Memorial LEM CV
Lions Foundation LCF CV
Low-speed vehicle LSV SD
Marquette University MRQ CV
Medal of honor MDH CM
Military group MLG ML
Milwaukee Brewers MBN/MBO CV
Multi-group (Lao veterans of American, Freemason MGP CV
Sesquicentennial SES CV
Special designed vehicle CYC SD
Trout Unlimited TRT CV
University of Wisconsin higher education HEG/HEM HE
Veteran motorcycle VMC MC
Wisconsin National Guard WNG NG
Wisconsin salutes veterans SPT CV
Women's health foundation WHF CV
Apportioned bus APO AP
Bus (motor bus and urban mass transportation) BUS BU
School bus BUS BU
Dealer, demonstrator, distributor, finance company, manufacturer, transporter, mobile home dealer, and transferable trailer For inquiries on dealer plate registrations, law enforcement may call the WisDOT/ DMV/Dealers Section, (608) 266-1425 Monday through Friday. DL
Mobile home (see recreational vehicle trailer) RVT TL
Moped MPD MP
Motor home MTM ZZ
Motorcycle CYC MC
Motorcycle disabled DMC MC
Motorcycle driver education DVC SV
Recreational vehicle trailer RVT TL
Special "X" SPX SP
Temporary Not accessible; contact vehicle records (608) 266-1466 IT
Municipal and state
Municipal motorcycle MNC MU
Municipal general MUN MU
Official (Star) OFF MU
State owned vehicle SOV ST
Wisconsin State Patrol WSP LF
Wisconsin State Patrol motorcycle WSC LF
Bad River Band BRV Only Oneida tribal registration and vehicle information is available on the WisDOT database. Contact the individual tribe for all others. TR
Lac Courte Oreilles LCO TR
Lac du Flambeau LDF TR
Menominee MEN TR
Oneida ONI TR
Red Cliff RCF TR
Tractors, trailers, trucks and apportioned
Apportioned power unit APO AP
Apportioned trailer & semi-trailer APT AP
Special "Z" SPZ SP
Tractor TOR TR
Trailer (farm) FTL TL
Trailer (heavy) TRL TL
Trailer (light) ITL TL
Trailer (semi) STL TL
Truck (farm/heavy) HRM FM
Truck (farm/light) FRM FM
Truck (heavy) HTK TK
Truck (light) LTK TK
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