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Collector license plates

Collector license plate

Vehicles that qualify

A motor vehicle at least 20 years old from the current calendar year that is being preserved because of its historical interest and has no alterations to the body may be eligible for Collector license plates. Please refer to the chart below for examples of alterations; however, please keep in mind this list is not all inclusive. It will be the owner’s responsibility to properly certify if the vehicle has body alterations. Misrepresenting a vehicle’s eligibility could result in citations for improper registration.

This list is not all inclusive.   * indicates possible exceptions 

Change made Alteration? Comments
Paint/graphics No  
Replacing sheet metal/repairs No As long as it mirrors the original body.
Flared fenders Yes  
Louvered hood Yes Unless owner provides evidence it was a factory available option the year the vehicle was manufactured.
Custom badging/cloning No For example, re-badging a base model Camaro as an SS, not an alteration to change or add badges, graphics, etc.
Ground effects kits Yes* Not an alteration if factory available option offered the year the vehicle was manufactured. It is an alteration if not factory-offered(after market).
Wings/spoliers/hood scoops Yes* Not an alteration if factory available option offered the year the vehicle was manufactured. It is an alteration if not factory-offered(after market).
Lift kits/Lowering kits, wheels, tires No As long as the body wasn’t altered to accommodate larger wheels for lifts, or to accommodate wheels for lowering kits.
Snowplows, trailer hitches, etc. No Accessories such as these are not alterations unless the body of the vehicle had to be altered to accommodate them.
Truck bed conversions Yes* A 1-ton pickup or larger likely would be delivered without a box, so the bed conversion/addition would not be considered an alteration or modification.
Engine or engine parts No  
Windows/glass replacement No  
Fender or bumper replacement No  
Interior of vehicle (seats, dashboard, radio) No  

All vehicles are required to meet the standards outlined in Wis. Stats. 347 Equipment of Vehicles to legally operate on Wisconsin Highways.

The following former military vehicles also qualify for Collector plates, even if they have been altered or modified:

  • GMC DUKW ("Duck") six-wheel drive utility vehicle originally manufactured for use by the U.S. military forces during World War II that is at least 25 years old.
  • Humvee multipurpose wheeled vehicle originally manufactured for use by the U.S. military forces that is at least 22 years old.
  • Kaiser Jeep M715 that is at least 25 years old.
  • Pinzgauer all-terrain, four- or six-wheel drive vehicle that is at least 25 years old.

The owner of a collector vehicle must own or lease one other motor vehicle for regular transportation with current, valid registration in Wisconsin under the same name(s) as the collector vehicle. If multiple owners, each owner must own or lease a vehicle with valid registration in Wisconsin to qualify.

Vehicles that have alterations to the body from the original do not qualify for Collector license plates but may be eligible for Hobbyist license plates. See form MV2388 for Hobbyist license plate qualifications, instructions and application.

How to apply

All Collector license plate applications must be mailed to the address below. Collector plates are not available or processed at DMV customer service centers. Send the following items:

  1. A completed and signed Collector License Plates Application form MV2323..
  2. If the vehicle you wish to register with Collector plates is already titled in your name and
    • is currently registered, send a copy of your Certificate of Registration.
    • is not currently registered, send the actual Certificate of Title (not a photocopy).
  3. If the vehicle is not titled in your name, send a completed title application MV1 or MV11, if purchased from a dealer), assigned title and all required fees, including Collector registration fees.
  4. Using the fee schedule below, determine Collector registration fees. NO credit is given for any current registration. If you are transferring Collector plates from a vehicle you no longer own, you must pay the same fee as when applying for a second or subsequent collector vehicle registration.
  5. Mail with payment to:

    Wisconsin Department of Transportation
    Special Plates Unit
    P.O. Box 7911
    Madison WI 53707-7911

For second and subsequent collector vehicles, allow approximately 4-6 weeks for the plate manufacturing process after you receive the new Certificate of Registration.

* The Department may request photos of the body to confirm eligibility as a condition of registration. If photos are required, you will receive a separate request after your initial application has been reviewed.

Registration fees

Vehicle type Gross weight* First collector vehicle Second and subsequent vehicles. (Includes transfer of Collector plates to another vehicle.)
Automobile $200 $150
Truck/former military vehicle 4,500 $200 $150
  6,000 $218 $168
  8,000 and over $262 $212
Motor home 5,000 $147 $97
  8,000 and over $160 $110
Motorcycle/moped $73 $23

*Weight: To determine the approximate weight, use the weight of the vehicle, full tank of fuel and equipment normally on the vehicle including the weight of a camper, lid or cap that is mounted on the truck and the weight of any persons or pets riding within the driver's compartment.

Things you should know

  • Collector registration does not expire for as long as you own the vehicle. However, Collector registration is not valid during the month of January. For operation in January, use form MV2750 to apply for temporary registration for a maximum of 5 consecutive days in January. Temporary plates are not available for operating the vehicle while collector plate applications are being processed.
  • WisDOT assigns a Collector license number to the owner of the collector vehicle. If the owner registers other collector vehicles, WisDOT issues the same collector number with a letter suffix to each collector vehicle owned by the same person. Example: If WisDOT issues Collector plate number 99999 to a collector vehicle owner, the owner's next collector vehicles will receive plate numbers 99999A, 99999B, etc. Collector license plates cannot be personalized.
  • Except for the four former military vehicles listed above, truck type vehicles with Collector plates cannot haul materials weighing more than 500 pounds. To determine the approximate weight, use the weight of the vehicle, full tank of fuel and equipment normally on the vehicle including the weight of a camper, lid or cap that is mounted on the truck and the weight of any persons or pets riding within the driver's compartment.
  • Vehicles cannot be used for commercial purposes or operated for hire.
  • Except for motorcycles, which receive one plate, WisDOT issues two Collector license plates that must be displayed on the vehicle.
  • The owner of a vehicle with Collector license plates may register other vehicles he/she owns or leases with Collector special license plates. Collector special license plates expire annually and are available for autos, trucks (registered at 8,000 pounds gross weight or less), farm trucks (registered at 12,000 pounds gross weight) and motor homes.
  • A person who registers a Collector motor vehicle that was manufactured before 1979 may display a historical plate from or representing the model year of the vehicle when driving to or from a car show, or during a parade, if the registration and plates issued by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) are simultaneously carried in or with the vehicle and are available for inspection by law enforcement, upon request. 
  • For more information, visit personalized and special plates FAQs.

WisDOT complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Release of information

WisDOT uses the information on form MV2323 to issue Collector license plates. Under open records laws, WisDOT must make nonexempt information available upon request. If you want your name and address withheld from mailing lists of ten or more individuals, check the "opt out" box on form MV2323.

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