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Historic military vehicle license plates

Historic military vehicle license plate


A historic military vehicle (HMV) is a vehicle manufactured for use in any country’s military forces and maintained to accurately represent its military design and markings with no alterations. An HMV may be an auto, truck, trailer or motorcycle of any size and weight but cannot be a tracked vehicle (one that runs on continuous tracks or a combination of wheels and tracks). Historic military vehicles manufactured for the U.S. may be of any age to be eligible for HMV license plates. Imported historic military vehicles must be at least 25 years old to be eligible for HMV registration.

Historic military vehicle registration allows operation to and from special occasions, such as parades, display events, club activities, exhibitions and tours. Operation is also allowed for occasional personal use as well as testing, maintenance and storage purposes. The operator of an HMV must have a valid regular driver license; some HMVs may also require the operator to have a valid commercial driver license. The operator must follow all traffic laws. Vehicles with HMV license plates cannot be used for regular transportation.

Note: Effective 3/1/14, former military vehicles may also qualify for Collector, Hobbyist, Antique, or regular Wisconsin vehicle (auto, light truck, heavy truck, trailers or cycle) registration.

HMV plates are valid for as long as you own the vehicle, and stay with the person who purchased them when the vehicle is sold.  

How to apply

To apply for a title and/or registration for a historic military vehicle, mail the following items to the address below. Local DMV customer service centers cannot provide title or registration services or issue temporary plates for historic military vehicles. HMV owners may apply for a title only or a title and registration at the same time.

Keep a copy of the application, ownership documents, photos and payment for your records. When you receive the title, keep it in a secure place (not in the vehicle). Mail the application, photographs, documents, and fees to:

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Research and Information Unit
P.O. Box 8070
Madison, WI 53708-8070

  1. Complete and sign the Historic Military Vehicle License Plate Application form MV2592.
  2. Include color photographs of the engine compartment, interior and exterior showing all sides of the vehicle.
  3. Make your check or money order payable to Registration Fee Trust; the fee is $30 ($5 for registration plus a $25 administrative plate issuance fee).

If the vehicle is not already titled in your name in Wisconsin:

  1. Include one of the following original documents as proof of ownership (we cannot accept photocopies). If the ownership document is not in your name, include all bills of sale from the last titled owner to you. Acceptable proof of ownership includes any of the following:
    • The previous owner's Wisconsin or out-of-state Certificate of Title
    • An out-of-state title showing you as owner
    • Manufacturer Certificate (or Statement) of Origin
    • The U.S. Government Certificate to Obtain Title to a Vehicle (Standard Form 97)
  2. Complete and sign DMV form MV1. A title transfer fee of $69.50 is required.
  3. Also include Wisconsin sales and use tax (if applicable) as well as any local or county taxes that may be due.

If you already have a Wisconsin title in your name:

  1. Complete and sign the Historic Military Vehicle License Plate Application form MV2592.
  2. Include color photographs of the engine compartment, interior and exterior showing all sides of the vehicle.

Release of information

WisDOT uses the information provided on form MV2592 to issue Historic Military Vehicle license plates. Under open records laws, WisDOT must make nonexempt information available upon request. If you want your name and address withheld from mailing lists of ten or more individuals, check the "opt out" box on form MV2592 .  

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