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eMV Public frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Wisconsin title

What is a Wisconsin title?

A document issued by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) for autos, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, mopeds, buses, and low speed vehicles; it establishes an individual or non-individual (business) as the legal owner of the vehicle.

What is a Wisconsin title number?

A unique number assigned to a title upon issuance; it is used along with the vehicle identification number (VIN) and other data for storing the vehicle record in WisDOT's records.

Where can I find the Wisconsin title number?

On the title in the upper left corner under the vehicle identification number (VIN); it may consist of letters and/or numbers.

What if I don't have a Wisconsin title or title number?

You cannot use the e-MV Public application. Whenever you purchase a vehicle, always make sure you receive the title from the seller.

What types of vehicles are eligible for e-MV Public?

Automobiles, motorcycles and light trucks registered at 8,000 lbs or less.

Will other vehicles become eligible?

As the e-MV Public application is upgraded, we will continue to add other vehicles such as mopeds, heavy trucks, trailers, etc.

Why can't I submit payment as part of the online application?

It is not set-up to allow for payment to be submitted as part of the transaction. We hope to include this option in a future edition.

How quickly will I receive my Wisconsin title, license plates and/or Certificate of Vehicle Registration?

Within 10-14 business days. This includes time for mailing your products.

Can I take my paperwork to a DMV customer service center to complete?

No. Mail the paperwork to the address provided on the e-MV Public receipt. You will be eligible to legally operate your vehicle immediately after completing your transaction in the e-MV Public application and placing all required documents in the mail to DMV. The DMV Customer Service Center will not be able to process your transaction without the original title. You will also be charged a counter service fee.

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