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Adopt-A-Highway - Program tour, Who can Adopt-A-Highway?

Rural Wiscosin highway

Any group organized for some special purpose or task can be a sponsor, except partisan or political groups.

Each group must provide one adult supervisor for every five or six volunteers. All volunteers must be at least 11 years of age or in the 6th grade. No other persons should be on the work site.

If you wish, WisDOT will install a sign announcing your group's litter control sponsorship. Names must fit within the maximum of three lines. You will find specific information on the application form.

The Department of Transportation reserves the right to work with the sponsors in revising group names or acronyms that may be offensive to the public.

Emphasis on safety

The Adopt-A-Highway program emphasizes safety. It is important to be very careful when working on the roadsides.

  • A portable "people working" sign provided by WisDOT must mark both ends of your highway segment.
  • Each volunteer must wear a high visibility safety vest while working and must review the safety training video Adopt-A-Highway Safety Tips video. YouTube
  • Each group must provide one adult supervisor for every five or six volunteers.
  • All volunteers must be at least 11 years old or in 6th grade for work along two lane highways.
  • Volunteers working adjacent to 4-lane expressways, freeways, or interstates must be at least 16 years of age.
  • For more info. view the new Adopt-A-Highway Safety page.

A partnership for public service

WisDOT will furnish safety vests, the safety training video, trash bags, trash bag pick-up and disposal, and two signs marking your highway.

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