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Rawson Avenue bridge deck move ready for Friday overnight

June 14, 2013

Full freeway closure planned to begin at 10 p.m. Friday

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) plans to move the Rawson Avenue bridge decks into place on Friday night. The move will use a self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) to move the 3 million pound deck pieces and carry them from the side of the roadway into position over I-94. The use of this technology is allowing the time to transition from bridge demolition to a re-opened bridge in a four week stretch instead of a four to six month window using traditional construction methods.

The work is being given a tentative green light as of Thursday evening; changing weather forecasts will determine a definitive "go" for the project until mid-day Friday. Given the current forecast, the project team is moving forward with the plan to move the two spans into place beginning at 10 p.m. The spans being moved are 138’ wide and 96’ long. The weight of the spans average out to three million pounds each. The deck spans were constructed along the side of I-94 and will be moved into place during a 12 hour stretch of time.

The work will begin at 10 p.m. and is planned to finish by 10 a.m. Saturday morning. There will be a full freeway closure routing traffic off the freeway at College and Rawson Avenue for southbound traffic and at 27th Street for northbound traffic. Motorists are advised to monitor media and roadway message boards for information on the closure and re-opening of the freeway lanes. Visit the project web page for more information.

For more information, contact:
Communication Specialist Michael Pyritz, Wisconsin DOT SE Region
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