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New traffic signal

September 25, 2013

New signal to be installed at US 12/WIS 29 and County B in Dunn County.

A new traffic signal will be activated at the intersection of US 12/WIS 29 and County B/610th Street in Dunn County. The signal will begin normal operations next week. A few days before, the signal will be in "flash" mode at the intersection. The flash mode is used to increase motorist awareness of the new signal. Motorists will encounter flashing yellow signal indications on the USH 12/WIS 29 approaches and flashing red signal indications on the County B/610th Street approaches.

This new signal will include the use of flashing yellow arrows for left-turning vehicles in both directions of US 12/WIS 29 and for motorists who turn right from southbound County B to westbound US 12/WIS 29.

Flashing yellow arrows are being installed throughout Wisconsin and can be found in some cities, including Eau Claire. The new flashing yellow arrow provides a more direct message for motorists making turns: Yield to opposing traffic and pedestrians before proceeding.

How they work: A green arrow means a driver has the right of way to make a turn. A solid yellow arrow means prepare to stop. A flashing yellow arrow means a driver may make a turn if there is no oncoming traffic and there are no pedestrians crossing the street. A red arrow means stop.

Additional information on flashing yellow arrows, including demonstration of a signal using flashing yellow arrows, is located on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation web site.

For more information, contact:
Communications Manager Chris Ouellette, WisDOT NW Region
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