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Leo Frigo Bridge information

September 26, 2013

Attention: The Leo Frigo Bridge will remain closed until further notice

At 4:51 a.m. Wednesday, September 25, a sag in the Leo Frigo Bridge in Green Bay was reported by a motorist to law enforcement. The Brown County Sheriff’s department notified the Wisconsin Department of Transportation at 5:30 a.m. that they would be closing down the Leo Frigo Bridge between Atkinson Drive and Webster Avenue due to the sag. A bridge inspector from WisDOT arrived on scene shortly after 5:30 a.m. and quickly determined a 400-foot span was sagging across all four lanes of the structure. Initial reports by bridge inspectors believed that a pier on the east side of the bridge over land settled, resulting in the sagging portion of the bridge. Visual ground observations also show settlement. It is not known if other piers have settled.

Region, federal and state bridge experts are at this time investigating the structure to determine the extent of the problem. A BOS inspection team is in Green Bay with specialized "snooper" vehicle and equipment to assist in investigation. The length of the bridge closure and correction of the problem need to be determined based on the findings of the investigation. This investigation could last days to weeks. It is not known when this investigation will be complete. WisDOT will hold news conferences when new information is available to update the media, provide photos and renderings of the bridge, and provide detour routes.

Plan of action:

  • The bridge will remain closed to traffic.
  • A plan of evaluation is being developed to continue investigations. The current condition of the pier is being monitored as well as looking at further movement of the pier.
  • We are collecting all historical information from initial construction through the most current bridge inspection.
  • We are developing a monitoring program to check other piers for settlement.
  • It will be several days before we have answers and a corrective plan of action.

Bridge details:

  • Leo Frigo bridge constructed in 1980
  • Repair of the substructure complete in 1988.
  • Bridge was last inspected August 2012.
  • The bridge was not on the list of 60 deficient bridges in the state.
  • The bridge underwent asphalt, joint and pin replacement 2012 and 2013 as part of the 41 Project.

WisDOT NE Region has set up and incident command for this event. ICS protocol will be followed throughout the life of the event.



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