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Northeast Wisconsin road construction projects for 2014

February 25, 2014

Tentative schedule for WisDOT projects

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) NE Region in Green Bay is providing a tentative listing of construction projects scheduled in the region for 2014. The list includes state projects on interstates, the United States highway system, and the Wisconsin state highway system. Construction costs for these projects are estimated at approximately $270 million.

Be advised that schedules are subject to change. Once construction has begun on a project, updates on traffic impacts and construction progress will be available on WisDOT’s weekly construction media release, distributed every Friday, tentatively set to begin in early March.

The Northeast Region includes the counties of Brown, Calumet, Door, Fond du Lac, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Marinette, Oconto, Outagamie, Sheboygan, and Winnebago.

Motorists are advised to use caution and remain alert when driving through any work zone. Drivers are also encouraged to seek information about work zones and detours at the following locations:

  • For statewide, recorded road construction information, 24 hours a day, call 511.
  • For statewide road construction on the web, visit Wisconsin 511 online.
  • More information can also be found at the WisDOT website.

Work will be completed under traffic with flagging operations during daylight hours.


Deck Sealing
Location: Brown, Calumet, Door, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Sheboygan
Schedule: June to September
Length of project: n/a
Description of work: Deck sealing and traffic control
Traffic impacts: Shoulder and lane closures. Night work in some locations.

Brown County

US 41 Project
For information on the US 41 major project, please check the project website.

WIS 29/54/57 (Monroe Avenue)
Location: Cass Street to Main Street
Schedule: May to October
Length of project: One mile
Description of work: Urban reconstruction of the highway from the south side of Cass Street to the north side of Main Street. Work will involve complete reconstruction of the roadway, storm sewer, signals, and lighting.
Traffic impacts: The construction will take place under a combination of staged and closed roadway areas. The section from Cass Street to Chicago Street will be staged construction with one lane in each direction for local access. The section from Chicago Street to Main Street will be closed, with the Walnut Street intersection remaining open for cross traffic throughout construction. Pedestrian access will be provided to all businesses and residences during construction. Bus stops that are within the limits of the project will be relocated by Green Bay Metro for the duration of construction.

Detours will include the following:

  1. WIS 57 northbound via WIS 32/57, WIS 32 (Main Street, 8th Street, Ashland Avenue), County HH (Vanderperren Way), WIS 172 East, I-43 north, and WIS 54/57.
  2. WIS 57 southbound via WIS 54/57, I-43 South, WIS 172 East, and WIS 57.
  3. WIS 54 via WIS 54, US 41, WIS 172, I-43, and WIS 54/57.
  4. WIS 29 via US 41, WIS 172, I-43, and US 141/County MM.
  5. City of Green Bay will establish alternate routes for local traffic.

WIS 96
Location: Old 57 Rd to Breckenridge Falls Boulevard
Schedule: March 17 to late October
Length of project: 0.9 miles
Description of work: Urban reconstruct of WIS 96 through Greenleaf. Work will consist of new storm sewer, curb and gutter, sidewalk, asphalt pavement, and lighting. Repair work will also be done on the inlets on the inside of the roundabout.
Traffic impacts: The project will be completed in three stages with the work area in each stage being closed to through traffic. For stage 1, the roundabout inlet repairs, WIS 32/57 will be detoured to CTH Z to CTH PP back to WIS 32/57. For stage 2, WIS 96 east of WIS 32/57, traffic will be detoured to WIS 32/57 to CTH Z to CTH PP back to WIS 96. For stage 3, WIS 96 west of WIS 32/57, traffic will be detoured to CTH D to CTH Z to WIS 32/57 back to WIS 96.

WIS 96
Location: Turner Street to Shanty Road, Wrightstown
Schedule: March 17 to late October
Length of project: 0.9 miles
Description of work: Urban reconstruct of WIS 96 on the east side of Wrightstown. Work will consist of new storm sewer, curb and gutter, sidewalk, concrete pavement, asphalt pavement and landscaping.
Traffic impacts: For the western portion of the project, Turner Street to County D (Plum Road), construction will be staged to maintain two lanes of WIS 96 traffic at all times. For the eastern portion from County D (Plum Road) to Shanty Road, WIS 96 will be closed to through traffic. The detour for this section of WIS 96 will be County D to County Z to WIS 32/57 back to WIS 96.

WIS 96
Location: Proposed east abutment of new Fox River Bridge, Wrightstown
Schedule: May to July
Length of project: n/a
Description of work: The project consists of building the east abutment fill slope for the new Fox River Bridge ahead of the bridge construction to allow time for settlement. The project will include placement of the fill along with the placement of wick drains to help accelerate the settlement.
Traffic impacts: Minimal traffic impacts from trucks hauling materials to the work site.

WIS 32
Location: South Brown County Line to Deuster Street
Schedule: July to August
Length of project: 6.6 miles
Description of work: This is a preventative maintenance level project consisting of milling 2 inches of asphalt and paving 2 inches of new asphalt. Centerline rumble strips will be placed with the project and signs will be replaced within the project limits.
Traffic impacts: Traffic will be reduced to one lane under flagging while milling and paving operations are taking place.

Claude Allouez Bridge Roundabout (De Pere)
Location: Roundabout at the east end of the Claude Allouez Bridge in De Pere
Schedule: Work will be completed over one weekend in July or August, prior to Labor Day
Length of project: n/a
Description of work: The pavement marking changes that were completed in 2012 will be made permanent by replacing the markings with permanent curb and gutter.
Traffic impacts: Most movements will be maintained through the roundabout. However, WIS 32/57 northbound will be detoured by taking a right onto Lewis Street then left onto N Erie Street then left onto George Street then left onto Wisconsin Street and back into the roundabout; WIS 32 traffic goes through and WIS 57 will go right. WIS 57 southbound will also be detoured by taking a right turn at the roundabout onto WIS 32 northbound going across the bridge then left onto S 6th Street to Reid Street then a left onto 3rd Street then a right onto 32 WIS southbound back across the bridge and a right turn at the roundabout back onto WIS 57 southbound. The eastbound through movement will also be closed, but no detour will be signed.

WIS 96 Wrightstown Bridge
Location: Existing Fox River Bridge and approaches within the village of Wrightstown
Schedule: September 2014 to July 2016
Length of project: 0.5 miles
Description of work: The existing Fox River Bridge will be replaced with a new bridge located approximately 200 feet to the south. Bridge construction will begin in the fall of 2014 and is expected to be completed during the summer of 2015. Roundabouts will be constructed at both bridge approaches during spring/summer 2015. The reconstruction of High Street, Main Street, County ZZ (Washington Street), and the intersection of High Street, Turner Street, and Fair Street will take place in the summer of 2015 and spring of 2016.
Traffic impacts: Traffic will be maintained at all times across the river on WIS 96. The new bridge will be completed and open to traffic prior to the demolition of the existing bridge.

Please note for marine navigation – there will not be impacts on the boat launch during construction. Navigation channel/Navigating under bridge:

  • Slow-No-Wake Ordinance will be in place starting September 2014 until completion of construction of new bridge and demolition of existing bridge (approximately July 2016).
  • Danger Hazard Warning Buoys w/ Flashing Lights and Slow-No Wake buoys will be in place.
  • Red and green buoys will be in place to mark the navigation channel.

WIS 32
Location: Green Bay Street to S Chase Road, Pulaski
Schedule: April to October 31
Length of project: 1.7 miles
Description of work: Urban reconstruct of WIS 32 through the village of Pulaski. Work will consist of new storm sewer, curb and gutter, sidewalk, colored concrete terrace and asphalt pavement. There will also be a box culvert extension and box culvert replacement on the north end of the project.
Traffic impacts: WIS 32 will be closed to through traffic for the duration of the project. The detour for WIS 32 will be County B to County C to County S back to WIS 32.

WIS 29
Location: WIS 29 and County FF Interchange
Schedule: June 2013 to September 2014
Length of project: 1.6 mile
Description of work: WIS 29/County FF intersection will be converted to a diamond interchange with roundabouts at the ramp termini. County FF will be reconstructed from south of Navajo Trail to County C/Shawano Avenue. Roundabouts will also be constructed at the intersections of County FF with Navajo Trail/Golden Pond Park Court and County FF with County C/Shawano Avenue. The existing intersection of Golden Pond Park Court will be relocated south to align with Navajo Trail. A new frontage road will be constructed to connect the existing Golden Pond Park Court to the existing Sunlite Drive. The intersections of WIS 29 with Sunlite Drive and with Woodland Road will be removed following the completion of the interchange. 
Traffic impacts: WIS 29 may be reduced to one lane during off-peak hours. County FF will be closed to through traffic during construction, including the intersections with Navajo Trail/Golden Pond Park Court and County C/Shawano Avenue. Woodland Road, Greenfield Avenue, and Sunlite Drive will be closed at times during construction.

Calumet County

WIS 32/57 and US 10
Location: Forest Junction
Schedule: June to September
Length of project: n/a
Description of work: Replacing intersection with single-lane roundabout
Traffic impacts: Both highways closed at intersection. WIS 32/57 detour is County HR/US 10/County PP/County K/WIS 32-57. US 10 detour is WIS 55/WIS 114/WIS 32-57/County HR/US 10.

WIS 114
Location: US 10 to S. Junction WIS 55
Schedule: 20 working days after Labor Day
Length of project: 5 miles
Description of work: Preventative maintenance project with milling and asphaltic pavement resurfacing. No work will be done on the roundabouts. 
Traffic impacts: Road open with flagging operations.

Door County

WIS 42/57
Location: E. Jorns Lane to Bayview Bridge, Sturgeon Bay
Schedule: Work begins after 4th of July through September
Length of project: 7 miles
Description of work: Work includes pavement repair, asphalt resurfacing, and improvements to the WIS 42 and WIS 57 intersection (south junction). 
Traffic impacts: Road will be open to at least one lane in each direction. No work allowed from noon Fridays to 6 a.m. Mondays.

WIS 42
Location: Gills Rock to Northport
Schedule: 20 working-day contract starting after Labor Day
Length of project: 2.2 miles
Description of work: Work includes asphalt milling and overlay.
Traffic impacts: Road open with flagging operations

WIS 42 
Location: Sturgeon Bay to Egg Harbor
Schedule: 20 working day contract. Cannot start until after Labor Day.
Length of project: 12 miles
Description of work: Resurface highway
Traffic impacts: Road open with flagging operations.

Fond du Lac County

WIS 49 from Waupun to Brandon
Location: County MMM to Clark Street
Schedule: July to October 2014
Length of project: 7.34 miles
Description of work: This project will resurface approximately 7.34 miles of WIS 49 from County MMM to just north of Clark Street. This project includes milling, HMA pavement, a retaining wall, culvert replacement, guardrail replacement, slope flattening, pavement marking and signing. During construction, the railroad crossing near Brandon will also be replaced and updated. 
Traffic impacts: There is a 20 day closure during this project with a detour provided to allow for railroad crossing surface replacement, culvert replacement, frost heave corrections, guardrail replacement and retaining wall construction. The detour for the project is as follows: Northbound WIS 49 will be rerouted north on County M to County T, to WIS 49. Southbound will follow the reverse path of the detour. Construction will be under traffic with flagging for all remaining work. 
WIS 23 
Location: Log Tavern Road to east county limits, Fond du Lac to Plymouth
Schedule: September to November 2014
Length of project: 4.0 miles
Description of work: WIS 23 will be resurfaced from Log Tavern Road to the east county line. Work includes milling and relaying asphalt pavement, base aggregate dense for shouldering, permanent signing, and pavement marking.
Traffic impacts: WIS 23 will be open to traffic during construction. The roadway may be reduced to one lane in the immediate area of milling and paving operations with appropriate flagging.

Kewaunee County

WIS 54
Location: Stump Road to Valley Road
Schedule: 25 working day contract
Length of project: 4.4 miles
Description of work: Work will include asphalt milling and overlay, frost heave repairs, centerline rumble strips, and beam guard upgrades.
Traffic impacts: Roadway will remain open to traffic throughout construction with flagging operations.

Marinette County

US 141
Location: US 141/WIS 64 interchange
Schedule: May to November
Length of project: n/a
Description of work: Building a compressed diamond interchange with roundabouts
Traffic impacts: US 141 will remain open. WIS 64 will be closed. The detour is County W/County B/County Z.

US 141
Location: Middle Inlet to Wausaukee
Schedule: Late July to November 1
Length of project: 5.6 miles
Description of work: Adding north and southbound passing lanes
Traffic impacts: No traffic impacts

US 141
Location: Wausaukee River Bridge and approach
Schedule: May to September
Length of project: n/a
Description of work: Replacing bridge
Traffic impacts: Northbound traffic will be maintained. Southbound traffic will be detoured through Wausaukee.

Manitowoc County

WIS 310
Location: Two Rivers
Schedule: April to September
Length of project: 0.75 miles of WIS 310 from Columbus Street to 14th Street and 0.25 miles from 14th Street and Hawthorne Avenue to 14th Street (WIS 310) and Madison Street
Description of work: Overlay for 0.75 miles Columbus Street to 14th St. and urban reconstruct with sanitary sewer, watermain, storm sewer replacement for WIS 310 from 14th Street and Hawthorne Avenue to 14th St. (WIS 310) and Madison Street
Traffic impacts: Road closed with local access. Detour is WIS 42 to Columbus Avenue in both eastbound and westbound directions.

US 10
Location: I-43 to Rapids Road (County R) and I-43/US 10 ramps
Schedule: May to September
Length of project: 1.5 miles
Description of work: Resurfacing and base patching all ramps and 1.5 miles of US 10
Traffic impacts: Ramp closures for extend periods of time. US 10 will be closed and detoured. Northbound detour is US 151 to County R to US 10. Southbound detour is WIS 310 to County R to WIS 151.

Oconto County

US 41/141
Location: Abrams Safety and Weight Facility
Schedule: Late April to early June
Length of project: n/a
Description of work: Replace static scales and weigh in motion scales.
Traffic impacts: No impacts to USH 141. All work will be confined to Safety and Weight Facility.

US 141
Location: Intersection of US 141 and County E
Schedule: Early July to mid-October
Length of project: 0.871 mile
Description of work: This is a Highway Safety Improvement Program project intended to increase the safety of the intersection of US 141 and County E. US 141 will be realigned with a partial j-turn constructed. The intersection at County E and US 141 will be reconfigured to a right in, right out type intersection. The intersection of US 141 and Habeck Lane will be moved north of its current location. 
Traffic impacts: During construction traffic will be reduced to a single lane for the duration of the project. County E will be closed at the intersection of US 141 and be detoured using County EE. The ramp from US 41 South to US 141 North will be closed for the duration of the project and will be detoured using US 41 South to County D to US 41 North to US 141 North. 

WIS 32 Oconto River Bridge and approaches
Location: WIS 32 Bridge over the Oconto River
Schedule: Early July to late October
Length of project: 0.16 mile
Description of work: The bridge over the Oconto River will be reconstructed as well as the approaches to the bridge.
Traffic impacts: WIS 32 will be closed during construction between Gray Lake Road and Milwaukee Lane. Access to local residents and businesses will be provided. Traffic will be detoured using WIS 32 to County CC to County K to WIS 22 to WIS 32.

Outagamie County

US 41
Location: WIS 15 to County J
Schedule: Late summer – 15 working day contract
Length of project: 11 miles
Description of work: Crack filling
Traffic impacts: Shoulder and lane closures. Work will be done at night.

US 41
Location: US 41/WIS 47 interchange – Grand Chute/Appleton
Schedule: February 28 to October
Length: 0.5 miles
Cost: $4.2 million
Description: Raising bridge – clearance under bridge will be raised from 15 feet 0 inches to 16 feet 9 inches minimum. This is the last bridge along US 41 in Outagamie County to be raised. Widening bridge decks from 39 feet 0 inches to 39 feet 11 inches and reconfiguring lanes to get a separated bike/pedestrian lane. Lengthening turn lanes but no additional turn lanes are being added.
Traffic impacts: WIS 47 will remain open to one lane each way. Ramps will be closed. Detour for access to and from US 41 is northbound is WIS 47, County OO, County E to County JJ.

WIS 187
Location: Deer View Road to Schinke Road north of Shiocton
Schedule: June to September
Length of project: One mile
Description of work: Reconstructing highway
Traffic impacts: Road will be closed. Detour is WIS 54/WIS 47 (through Black Creek)/County F/WIS 187.

Sheboygan County

WIS 23
Location: WIS 23 and County Y
Schedule: Late April to July 30
Length of project: n/a
Description of work: Reconstructing the concrete pavement on the ramps and on County Y across WIS 23. 
Traffic impacts: Various ramp closures throughout project. WIS 23 and County Y will open to a minimum of one lane of traffic in each direction at all times.

Winnebago County

WIS 441 tri-county project
Location: WIS 441 and US 10 from Cold Spring Road to about 1/2 mile east  of Lake Butte des Morts
Schedule: June 2014 to Fall 2019
Length of project: 3 miles
Description of work: Grading work in the US 41/441/10 Interchange in preparation for future contracts for the interchange reconstruction. Begin construction of new bridge over Little Lake Butte des Morts.
Traffic impacts: 2014 US 41 night lane closures and ramp closures – Website

US 41 – County GG and County Y overpass
Schedule: March to August 2014
Length: Bridges
Location: County GG, and County Y overpasses of US 41
Description: The work includes the replacement of bridges at County GG and County Y. This includes the widening of bridges to accommodate a multi-use trail.
Traffic impact: County Y closed to traffic. Green Valley closed to traffic at County Y. Local traffic only. County GG closed to traffic. Green Valley closed to traffic at County GG. Local traffic only. Two lanes of US 41 will be open at all times, except for during demolition in March and the occasional nighttime lane closure.

US 41 Project website (for information on the US 41 major project).

For more information, contact:
Kim Rudat, WisDOT NE Region Communications
(920) 492-5743,

Mark Kantola, WisDOT NE Region/US 41 Project Communications
(920) 492-4153,



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