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US 10/WIS 441 (County CB-Oneida St.) Expansion




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US 10/WIS 441 (County CB-Oneida St.) Expansion - Need/purposeUS 41/US 10/WIS 441 interchange.

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Traffic volume and flow

Fox Cities area is one of the fastest growing areas in the state. In 2007, traffic counts ranged from 46,000 to nearly 70,000 vehicles per day along US 10/WIS 441 and from 76,000 to 85,000 along US 41 within the study area.

Existing US 10/WIS 441 does not have sufficient capacity to safely handle expected traffic increases and lacks auxiliary lanes, which help preserve traffic flow between the closely spaced interchanges. Most of the existing interchanges also need improvements such as longer on and off ramps and additional turning capacity at the ramp terminal intersections.

US 41/10/WIS 441 interchange

In particular, existing US 10/41/WIS 441 interchange has severe deficiencies. Due to safety concerns involving the operation of two former at-grade intersections, four traffic movements within the US 10/US 41/WIS 441 interchange were eliminated in 1997:

  • Northbound US 41 to westbound US 10
  • Southbound US 41 to westbound US 10
  • Eastbound US 10 to northbound US 41
  • Eastbound US 10 to southbound US 41

Two of these ramp movements remain out of service, and the ramps cannot be restored without a complete upgrade of the interchange.

Little Lake Butte des Morts Bridge

Law enforcement officials have expressed concern regarding the safety of the Little Lake Butte des Morts bridge for the traveling public. Existing bridge has only 3.5-feet wide shoulders and does not allow stalled motorists to pull completely off the live travel lanes.

In addition, westbound traffic crossing the bridge can not see a safe distance over the crest of the bridge. Lane expansion is necessary to accommodate the heavy traffic on the bridge and to ensure motoristsí safety.

Expansion purpose

Proposed expansion of US 10/WIS 441 and related interchange and auxiliary lane improvements will:

  • Provide additional roadway capacity to serve existing and projected traffic volumes.
  • Improve operational efficiency and safety for local and through traffic.
  • Contribute to improved regional economic development.

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