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WIS 23 (County A to Arcade Glen Rd.) Reconstruction - Need/purpose

Why is this project needed?

The original roadway was constructed in 1966, with one asphalt overlay in the year 1982. General
maintenance will no longer extend the life of the pavement. The improvements planned as part of this
project will extend the life of the corridor.

Many intersections along the corridor are not able to handle the increased traffic and pose a safety
concern. An engineering crash analysis indicated that the majority of all crashes along the corridor occur
at either intersections or driveways. WisDOT is working to provide a safer roadway by limiting the number
of direct access points while ensuring that all travelers have equal access to WIS 23.

The goal of the project is to increase safety by reducing congestion with climbing and bypass
lanes, realigning some intersections to intersect with WIS 23 at a safer angle, and improving sight distance
along the project. By combining some access points on WIS 23 the number of conflict points will be
reduced. Providing a wider, paved shoulder between Forest Ridge Road and Eastwind Road will help
remove traffic from the through movement when accessing residential and commercial properties thus
providing constant traffic flow

Project benefits

Upon completion, WIS 23 will be a safe and efficient corridor balancing the needs of travelers and local citizens for at least the next 20 years.

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