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WIS 15 (US 45-Lily of the Valley Dr.) Expansion - Public involvement, Advisory Committee (AC)

  • 18 members
  • Comprised of local government staff, elected officials, citizens and businesses from Outagamie County potentially impacted by future changes to WIS 15.
  • Selected to provide a consistent local review of alternatives outlined in EIS and to ensure representation for the entire WIS 15 corridor, from US 41 in the east, to Hortonville in the west.
  • Committee members are local contacts for citizens with questions, comments or concerns about this project and have agreed to have their names/contact info. used in newsletters and public involvement activities.


  • March 2007, provide comments on DEIS and preferred alternative
  • June 2004
  • February and October 2003
  • December 2002

Upon selection of preferred alternative, AC suspended the committee and future meetings. If needed, the committee may re-convene. Elected officials will be updated as needed.


  • Alvin Guerts, Director of Public Works
    Outagamie County Highway Department
    (920) 832-5673
  • Mike Hendrick, Outagamie County Planner
    (920) 832-5255
  • Kent Hager, City Administrator
    City of New London
    (920) 982-8500
  • Roger L. Retzlaff, President
    Village of Hortonville
    (920) 779-6011
  • Orville Nelson, Chairperson
    Town of Ellington
    (920) 779-6186

  • Dennis Clegg
    Town of Hortonia
    (920) 779-6028
  • Pat McNicols, citizen
    (920) 779-4940
  • James Olsen, citizen
    (920) 779-7000
  • Robert Schneider, citizen
    (920) 779-6738
  • Marvin Obry
    Outagamie County Supervisor
    (920) 779-6436

  • Dr. Gregory Joseph, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools
    Hortonville School District
    (920) 779-7900
  • Marcia A. Kelly, Clerk
    Town of Dale
    (920) 779-4609
  • J. Everett Mitchell, Administrator
    Village of Hortonville
    (920) 779-6011
  • David Tebo, Administrator
    Town of Greenville
    (920) 757-5151
  • Kevin Bolssen
    Town of Hortonia
    (920) 779-0264

  • Ed Hayes, citizen
    (920) 739-6311
  • Paul Bernegger, citizen
    (920) 982-7739
  • Tom Olk, citizen
    (920) 779-4277

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