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WIS 15 (US 45-Lily of the Valley Dr.) Expansion - Need/purpose

Vehicles on WIS 15.

Why is this project needed?

Insufficiencies in roadway structure, as well as geometric and intersection design, are creating an increased number of safety issues.

Preferred alternative and selected corridor

WisDOT evaluated several corridor alternatives and selected preferred alternative June 2007.

Preferred corridor was selected based on level of mobility it provides for traveling public, based on goals to minimize overall impact on surrounding environment, and it also received the most favorable comments from regulatory agencies, local agencies, and the general public.


Capacity must be added to serve existing and forecasted traffic volumes. Heavy congestion is expected by 2025 if WIS 15 is not expanded. 2007 Annual average daily traffic (AADT) info. shows

  • 9,400 west section (New London to County T)
  • 12,600 to 16,500 (County T to County JJ)
  • 12,400 east section (County JJ to Greenville)

whereas AADT volumes in excess of 20,000 vehicles are predicted along portions of the highway by 2025.

Project benefits/anticipated outcomes

  • Safety - Changes in roadway design can help reduce safety and crash related issues
  • Enhanced economic development - Easier travel means easier transfer of goods and services
  • Lower transportation costs - Shorter trips and travel times mean less fuel consumption
  • Enhanced access - An improved facility will help manage access and provide better coordination for the local road network.

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