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WIS 21 Planning Study
Omro-Oshkosh, Winnebago County

View NE, WIS 21 Planning Study (NE of Oshkosh) project location.
Map key - Thick orange line is the project overview/location. Blue tear drop with dot in center is the project limit.

Project location

WIS 21, Omro to Oshkosh, in Winnebago County (Rivermoor Rd. to US 41).

Project overview

WIS 21 is an important state highway serving the local economy and linking major population and economic centers and is experiencing traffic growth and congestion as increasing community development creates additional demand for WIS 21 capacity. Meeting future economic and travel needs are becoming more challenging as WIS 21 conditions deteriorate.

In order to maintain a safe and efficient transportation system, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is working with local jurisdictions to develop a long-range plan for WIS 21. The plan will include:

  • Transportation recommendations that meet future economic and travel needs
  • A picture showing how WIS 21 will look in the future
  • Land use decisions that are compatible with WIS 21
  • 20 or more years time period

Recommendations and goals/objectives

WIS 21 long-range recommendations will include:

  • Locations of interchanges, overpasses and local road modifications.

Short-term and mid-term recommendations may include:

  • Changing signal timing
  • Lengthening turn lanes
  • Adding turn lanes
  • Providing slotted turn lanes

WisDOT developed a draft goal and objectives using information from the local officials stakeholder committee and stakeholder surveys. No construction is currently scheduled. The WIS 21 Planning Study will provide information needed to determine the improvement schedule.



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