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I-94 (US 12-WIS 65) Corridor Study - Frequently asked questions (FAQ), Aug. 2013

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What improvements are being studied?

This study project will consider expansion of I-94 between US 12 and WIS 65 in St. Croix County. The study area is approximately seven miles in length and is located in the townships of Hudson, Warren, and Kinnickinnic and the village of Roberts.

Improvements being studied include reconstruction of the deteriorating pavement while expanding I-94 with three travel lanes in each direction. Improvements would also include replacement of the deteriorating bridges over Kinney Road, 100th Street, and 130th Street and reconstruction of I-94 to current geometric standards. New right of way would be required to accommodate the improvements.

This major project has been approved for study by the Transportation Projects Commission (TPC).

I-94 (US 12-WIS 65) Corridor Study map showing the study limits.

Why is I-94 being studied for expansion?

I-94 is a high-priority corridor through northwestern Wisconsin and facilitates inter-regional and inter-state travel. I-94 is a high freight corridor with about 24 percent of the daily traffic comprised of trucks. I-94 was originally constructed in 1958 and improvements are needed to maintain safe and efficient operations.

Traffic has grown from 21,300 vehicles per day in 1990 to 41,900 vehicles per day in 2010. 73,600 vehicles per day are forecasted in 2038. Also the Level of Service (LOS) is anticipated to deteriorate as the traffic grows.
LOS is a qualitative measure of highway operations. LOS is graded on a scale from A (no congestion) to F (extreme congestion). LOS C is the acceptable level of service for this high priority freeway. I-94 is anticipated to operate at a LOS D by 2020 without any expansion.

What is the anticipated study schedule?

  • Field investigations/data collection Summer/fall 2012
  • Preliminary alternative development Fall 2012
  • Local Officials Meetings Summer 2012, winter/summer 2013
  • PIM Winter 2012 and summer 2013
  • Value engineering Spring 2013
  • Environmental document Fall 2013
  • Study complete Summer 2014
  • Potential review by TPC Fall 2014

When would I-94 be expanded?

Once this study is completed in 2014, WisDOT will report its findings to the TPC. The TPC may then recommend that the legislature enumerates the project for construction.

If enumerated by the legislature, construction could begin as early as 2018.

What happens during the study?

In order to obtain approval for construction, an environmental document must be completed. The environmental study will include consideration of natural resources, socioeconomic factors, existing and proposed land uses, right of way impacts, noise, cost, traffic, and other issues.

Aspects of the project will be coordinated with local and regional agencies, environmental agencies, property owners, and other stakeholders throughout the environmental study.

The environmental document will be made available for public review.

How can I participate?

Agency and public meetings will offer opportunities to provide early input on the study needs and issues. A series of meetings will be planned with the local and regional agencies, utilities, property owners, and other stakeholders throughout the project.

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