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Osceola Intersection (WIS 35/WIS 243/County M) Study
Osceola, Polk County

View NW, Osceola Intersection (WIS 35/WIS 243/County M) Study project location.
Map key - Thick orange line is the project overview/location. Blue tear drop with dot in center is the project limit.

Project location

WIS 35/WIS 243/County M intersection, in city of Osceola, in Polk County.

Project overview

The Osceola Intersection Study is a planning project to improve the function of the current offset intersection of WIS 35, County M and WIS 243.

This study is a direct outgrowth of the Aug. 2005 Osceola Truck Bypass Study undertaken by WisDOT. That study identified a truck bypass that would divert WIS 35 away from Osceola’s historic downtown onto a route east of the village.

The Osceola Truck Bypass Study concluded that a stand alone truck bypass would not divert enough traffic to be cost effective, but a full bypass would divert sufficient traffic and help reduce congestion in the village of Osceola.

Although the need has been established and the planning report is being completed, a bypass cannot be implemented outside of the major highway project process.

Realigning the intersection is part of both the short-term solution of adapting existing roadways to meet the needs of traffic and the long-term goal of optimizing the existing roadways to function well with the future transportation system.

Updated Status

Traffic volumes have stabilized in the area, so the need for a project as estimated in the mid-2000s is no longer warranted. There is not a scheduled construction project planned in the six-year program. Because of this there is no direct impact to property owners in the area.

Landowners should continue to make decisions about their property based on the current conditions. When and if there is a need to redevelop the intersection, WisDOT would have to re-open the study to determine if the alternatives chosen in 2005 would still be relevant. A new series of public meetings would have to occur, and a new environmental document would need to be completed.

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