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WIS 190 (Capitol Drive) Corridor Study - Need/purpose

Intersection of Capitol Drive and Westfield Way.

Why is this project needed?

Capitol Drive is a critical east-west route in southeast Wisconsin, providing important connections for national, regional and local traffic. Connections 2030 identifies Capitol Drive as a multimodal, transportation facility for southeastern Wisconsin metropolitan area.


Review of the crash records indicate that 570 crashes were on WIS 190 from WIS 16 to Brookfield Road between the years of 2003 to 2007.

Between WIS 16 and WIS 74, Capitol Drive is above the statewide average crash rate for similar facilities. The predominant crash pattern throughout the corridor is rear-end crashes at traffic signals.

Based on intersection crash rates from 2003-2008, five intersections currently have crash rates above the statewide average for the same type of intersection. These intersections are:

  • Forest Grove Drive
  • WIS 164
  • Springdale Road
  • Barker Road
  • Brookfield Road

Existing/future traffic volumes

WisDOT analyzed the existing roadway traffic volumes and found that the annual daily traffic volumes in 2007 ranged from 25,800 vehicles per day (VPD) in the village of Pewaukee to 35,200 VPD in the city of Brookfield.

Traffic volumes are expected to increase more than 40 percent by 2040. Forecasted volumes between WIS 16 and WIS 74 are 41,000 VPD and 47,000 VPD between WIS 74 and Brookfield Road.


Forecasted traffic volumes indicate that WIS 190 intersections will operate at an unacceptable level without any improvements. Motorist will experience excessive backups and there will be fewer opportunities for traffic gaps for the turning movements.

Project benefits/anticipated outcomes

  • Environmental Assessment (EA) including a range of alternatives and their impacts to the environment.
  • Functional plan outlining the preferred option.

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