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Six Year Highway Improvement Program: 2015-2020

Wisconsin's highway network

Wisconsin has 115,145 miles of public roads, from Interstate freeways to city and village streets. This highway improvement program covers only the 11,766-mile state highway system which is administered and maintained by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT). The other 103,379 miles are improved and maintained by the cities, towns, counties and villages in which they are located.

The state highway system consists of 743 miles of Interstate freeways and 11,023 miles of state and US-marked highways. While the 11,766 miles of state highways represent only 10.2 % of all public road mileage in Wisconsin, they carry over 35 billion vehicle miles of travel a year, or about 59.5 % of the total annual statewide highway travel.

Each wisely invested dollar returns benefits in terms of time savings, fewer accidents and decreased vehicle operating costs. Poor roads mean more accidents and deaths, higher insurance costs, more wear and tear on vehicles, more time on the road and less efficient and competitive commerce. Please visit our master contract schedule page, which identifies projects for the future and represents WisDOT's best estimate of when projects will be ready for letting.

State highway subprograms

Wisconsin's transportation budget is divided into two subprograms for implementing improvements to state highway facilities:

  1. Major Highway Development
  2. State Highway Rehabilitation (which has three parts)

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