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US 14/WIS 11 Corridor Study
Janesville, Rock County

US 14/WIS 11 corridor study logo.
US 14/WIS 11 overview/location map.
View SW, US 14/WIS 11 (Janesville - US 14/I-43) study maps.

Study location

US 14/WIS 11, County H (west of Janesville) - US 14 (east side of Janesville), in Rock County.

Study overview

Scope of the study has changed to focus on alternatives on west side of Janesville. Alternatives east of Janesville will be studied at a later date following completion of west section Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

WisDOT is studying ways to improve mobility, access and safety on US 14/WIS 11. Study has separate west and east components:

West segment

Note: The west segment portion of the study project is suspended indefinitely. (May 18, 2012)

  • Evaluates improvement alternatives along US 14/WIS 11 from the US 14/County H intersection west of Janesville to US 14/WIS 11 intersection east of Janesville.
  • Includes evaluation of a potential connection between US 14 and WIS 11 west of Janesville.

East Segment

  • Evaluates alternatives along US 14/WIS 11 from Janesville to US 14/I-43 interchange near Darien.
  • Scheduled to proceed at this time with the goal to complete an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) by early 2013.
  • Scheduled to be put on hold until completion of west segment EIS. A separate EIS will be completed for the east segment.

US 14/WIS 11 corridor provides important regional connections throughout southern Wisconsin and also functions as a critical link between Janesville, in Rock County, and Darien, in Walworth County. The corridor is heavily traveled by commuter, residential, commercial and recreational traffic.

Area growth, increasing traffic volumes and crash rates, and public interest have all contributed to the need to study potential corridor improvements to ensure continued years of service.

Major outcomes of the study will be completion of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Record of Decision (ROD), which include:

  • Understanding of how the highway serves local residents and through traffic, both now and in the future.
  • Full range of improvement alternatives developed with public participation that meet the local and regional transportation needs of the corridor.
  • Evaluation of improvement alternatives that recommends a preferred alternative.


Study, currently developing a Draft EIS (DEIS), with no construction activity at this time.

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