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US 14/WIS 11 Corridor Study - Need/purpose

School crossing on US 14/WIS 11 near Janesville.

System linkage and route importance

There are inadequate system connections to disperse local traffic congestion and provide alternate routes for highway construction, local or regional emergencies, incident management, and evacuation planning. Driver expectations of the designation and use of the highways as a part of the national highway system and a Corridors 2020 Connector route are not being met. In addition, portions of US 14 and WIS 11 serve as alternate routes in the event of a closure or incident which causes significant delays on I-39/90.

Existing and future travel demand

Higher traffic volumes and accompanying slower speeds and lengthening signal times lead to longer travel times in the study area. Higher traffic volumes and slower speeds also degrade the local air quality.


System safety is degrading and crash rates are increasing. There is also inadequate access control through the study area, which contributes to decreased safety. Several segments currently have crash rates that exceed the statewide average.

Highway capacity

Increased traffic volumes and congestion are decreasing Level of Service (LOS) measures below operational standards. LOS measures characterize the operating conditions of a roadway based on several factors including actual speed versus posted speed, travel time, and intersection delay. LOS grades range from A (least congested) to F (most congested.)

Socio-economic demands

Increases in population and development in the study area are contributing to increased traffic volumes and congestion. Multi-modal transportation can be enhanced, encouraging use of alternative forms of transportation and providing opportunities for those unable to operate motor vehicles on their own. The public and local government have requested improvements to the highway system in the study area.

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