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US 14 Reconstruction - Need/purpose

Existing US 14.

Why is this project needed?

  • US 14 is an important route serving the Madison metropolitan area and surrounding communities.
  • Between the WIS 138 interchange (near Oregon) south to the WIS 92 intersection (near Brooklyn existing US 14 does not have the capacity or design features to carry the rising traffic volumes. WisDOT is currently developing a plan for improving traffic flow, safety and pavement conditions on US 14.

Project benefits

  • Reconstructing US 14 as a new highway between WIS 92 and WIS 138 will correct safety and
    transportation issues along the corridor and will bring the highway up to moderns standards.
  • US 14 will be a limited-access freeway. Limited access highways are safer because they eliminate points
    of conflict such as driveways, field entrances and intersecting local roads.

Relocation of US 14 between WIS 92 and WIS 138

  • Reconstructing US 14 in its existing location between WIS 92 and WIS 138 would involve the purchasing
    of many homes and land parcels to address the geometric deficiencies in the current roadway corridor.
    This effort would have a substantial impact on the residents who live along the existing highway. In
    comparison to a realigned highway, it would cost the state additional millions of dollars as well as add
    environmental impacts.
  • The new realignment US 14 corridor location also provides enough room for expansion from two lanes to four lanes if the future counts warrant the expansion.

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