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US 51, Stoughton Rd. Corridor Study - Needs Assessment

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Executive Summary

  1. Introduction
    1. Goals and objectives of study
    2. Why Stoughton Rd. is being studied
    3. Study area
    4. Stoughton Rd. function
    5. Study process and schedule
    6. Data collection
  2. Existing conditions
    1. Construction history
    2. Land uses
    3. Traffic analysis
      1. Historic volumes
      2. Existing traffic volumes
      3. Existing traffic speeds
    4. Environmental resources
      1. Hazardous materials
      2. Wetlands
      3. Archaeological
      4. Architectural history
  3. Future conditions (440 KB)
    1. Population and employment growth
    2. Future planned roadway network
    3. Future transit network
  4. Public involvement
    1. Committees
    2. Focus group workshops
    3. Business interviews
    4. Public opinion survey
    5. Public Involvement Meetings
    6. Project video
  5. Corridor needs (1 MB)
    1. Crash analysis
      1. Number of crashes
      2. Crash types and causes
      3. Crash rates
    2. Traffic analysis
      1. Traffic overview
      2. Roadway segments
      3. Analysis methodologies
      4. Analysis results
    3. Geometric deficiencies
      1. Signalized intersections
      2. Interchanges
      3. Non-signalized intersections
    4. Structures and pavement analysis
      1. Structures
      2. Pavement
    5. Bicycle/pedestrian needs
      1. Bicycle needs
      2. Existing bicycle facilities
      3. Assessment of existing bicycle facilities
      4. Pedestrian needs
      5. Existing pedestrian facilities
    6. Transit
      1. Service
      2. Park and ride lots
    7. Socio-economic impacts to the east side of Madison
      1. Needs of businesses
      2. Needs of neighborhoods
    8. Aesthetics
  6. Conclusions
    1. Needs prioritization
      1. Immediate needs
      2. Future needs
    2. Planned and potential improvements
    3. Long-term improvement needs

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