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Know your bike - Bike parts

Click on the yellow dots to learn more about the parts of a bike

Bike Frame

bike handlebars
1. Handle bars: You hold on to them with both hands when you are on the bike. They also help you steer, or move, the bike in the direction that you want to go.
2. Handbrakes: You squeeze them to make your bike stop moving. To stop moving, you can also stop pedaling and place your feet firmly on the ground.
bike hand brakes
Bike seat image 3. Seat: You sit on this while you are riding the bike. Be sure to remain seated the entire time you are pedaling your bike.
4. Pedals: They are what help you move your bicycle forward. You press down on the pedals with your feet and push them in a circular motion to move.
Bike pedal
Bike Frame 5. Frame: This is what holds your whole bike together. Without a frame there would be no bike.
6. Headlight: This is important to have at night because it helps you see the road, and it helps other vehicles see you.
Bike Headlight
Bike reflector 7. Rear reflector: Similar to the headlight, this is another thing you must use to make sure you are seen at night by other drivers.
8. Wheels: As you push on the pedals, these start to spin forward, and help you move. Bike Wheel
Bike Chain image 9. Chain: This is what connects the pedals to the wheels. When it slides around the crank, it moves the wheels.
10. Crank: This is what the chain slides around to move the wheels.
Bike crank
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