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Staying safe at night

It is very important that you are visible when walking or biking at night. Follow these rules to stay safe.

When you walk

Child in safety vest

  • Make it easy to be seen. Wear light or bright colored clothes, something reflective, or carry a light, especially at night.
  • Be intentional showing you want to cross, wave an outstretched arm.
  • Use flags if available
  • Make eye contact
  • Cross at crosswalks and corners.


On your bike

Bike light image

  • Must have a bike light attached to the front
  • Must have a red rear reflector
  •  A steady or flashing red rear light is optional  
Child on bike with reflective vest

  • Make sure to wear something reflective: a vest, an arm band
Child dressed in dark colors 
  • Don’t wear black or other dark colors. You want to be as visible as possible

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