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30-second video production transcripts

Safer In The Zone

"Live With That"

Sipping a cup of hot coffee. Choosing a song on your MP3 player. Blowing your nose. Eating French fries. Answering your phone. Checking your make-up. Digging for change in your pockets. Changing the radio station. Or even listening to this message. None of these…not one…nothing is more important than staying alert, slowing down, and moving over if possible, when you’re driving in a work zone, where penalties double. If you can live with that, everybody else can, too. A message from the Wisconsin DOT.

"Move Over Lights"

When we use our lights on the side of the road use yours, move over or slow down. Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputy Tim Johnson and West Allis road maintenance worker Scott Hansen have both been hurt by drivers that didn’t follow the law. So please move over or slow down when you see workers or flashing lights on the side of the road.

"That Guy"

Are you "that guy?" That guy who tailgates. That guy who cuts everyone off. The guy who passes on the shoulder. That guy who doesn’t signal his lane change. That guy who blows past at 10, 20, 30 over the limit? Or are you "that guy" who doesn’t pay attention, slow down and move over if possible when driving through a work zone where penalties double? On behalf of everyone else out on the road, working or driving, don’t be "that guy." If you can live with that, everybody else can, too. A message from the Wisconsin DOT.

"Tim Johnson"

On January 12th after 6 in the morning when I was closing a ramp down and next thing I know is I got hit. This happens to a lot of people. My brother deputy Kevin Johnson Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office was involved in an accident by a gentleman who didn’t move over. This has totally changed my life because right now I’m behind a desk instead of being in a squad car. When you see a squad on the side of the road with lights on, please move over or slow down.

"Scott Hansen"

It was the third week of March, the truck is parked here, we had this lane closed off with cones, going right here, and she drove right through our cones and pinned me between the car and the truck. I want to just get back to normal stuff, you know, driving again, and playing with my son, take him fishing you know, just get back in life again.

"What Have I Done?"

(Sounds of an engine idling softly as a driver stares through a cracked windshield )

(A car door opens and the door chime sounds softly as the driver exits the vehicle )

(Sounds of shoes walking on pavement as the driver walks toward the rear of his vehicle. Orange barrels and flashing lights of a work zone are seen in the background )

(Audio from an earlier cell phone conversation with the driver's wife plays) Hey babe, it's me, I'm running late. I just hit some construction and I'll fly right through it. See ya in a bit. Love ya. Bye.

(Dramatic music softly rises as driver comes to realize that he hit and possibly killed a worker in a work zone. Construction workers are seen in the background running to help their fallen comrade. The driver's pained expression shows that he realizes his inattention while driving through a work zone has just changed not only his life, but the lives of the worker, his family, and friends.)

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