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RIDESHARE - Program information

"Feelin' better already!"

  • It's a good feeling when we can save on fuel, general car maintenance, oil changes, parking and tires.
  • It's a good feeling when we know we are doing something good for our environment and congestion problems.
  • It's a really good feeling if we can arrive at work less hassled from the morning commute, having enjoyed social conversation with a commuting companion.

Your origin, destination, and work times are used to provide a list of possible carpool or bike buddy matches as well as convenient park and ride lots along your route. Madison commuters can also check for vanpool matches and transit information.

The software maps your location and finds potential matches within parameters chosen by you. Matches can be refined by altering the search parameters and time flexibility you set.

Your match report will show individuals with similar commutes and work hours. Simply contact people on your list to see if they are willing to share a ride or if they are interested in biking together.

Use the carpool/bike buddy tips to help you get started on the right foot. Keep in mind that using alternate transportation even one day a week can be beneficial. Bike buddies are matched by levels of biking experience.

Once you are registered with the program, there are features that can enhance your experience with the program:

  • At any time log in and rerun match lists, update your profile, choose to participate in other program features, or delete your registration.
  • If you would like to determine your environmental or financial savings by using alternative transportation, you can record your commute each day through a message that comes to a smart phone and/or email.
  • In addition, you can log in through Facebook and also see the public information of those who you match with.

Up-to-date match lists

If you change addresses or employers, log in to change your information or contact us to make the changes. This assures that others requesting match lists will get accurate information.

In order for a profile to stay active in the program, participants are required to review their profile periodically.


When you register you decide whether to use your home address or a nearby intersection as your origin. You choose how you want to be contacted either by cell phone, work phone, and/or email.

Your home address and phone number will be kept confidential from future applicants who receive your name as a possible match. Your information is never sold or used for any other purpose.

Deleting your information from the RIDESHARE program

If you are registered with RIDESHARE and would like to have your name removed from matching, log in and follow the online process to delete your information, or contact us to help you.


No one shall be denied the opportunity to participate because of race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, nor the presence of any disability.

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  • New commuters, register now!
  • After registering - run a match list, contact your matches, and track your commute for a record of your savings.

  • Already registered? Log in!
  • Log in/update your profile, run new match lists, track your commute, retrieve forgotten passwords.

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