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Register online

New commuter? Not registered yet? Register online now!

After registering you can run a match list, contact your matches, and track your commute for a record of your environment savings.

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Update your profile, run new match lists and retrieve forgotten passwords.

No Internet and/or email address? Register via USPS mail or telephone

If you don’t have an email address, drive a car, or have access to the Internet you can still register with RIDESHARE.

  • How to Register Off-Line YouTube Playing time 00:03:12
    Instructional video on how to register with the Wisconsin RIDESHARE program if you don't have an email address or access to the Internet.
  • Contact us and a RIDESHARE staff representative will do the matching for you and send you your matches.

Mail in your application

  • Download the RIDESHARE application. Either fax the completed application to (262) 521-4425 or mail it to:
    • Wisconsin RIDESHARE
      Wisconsin Department of Transportation
      P.O. Box 798
      Waukesha, WI 53187-0798

Call for an application

  • Call 1-800-455-POOL, leave your contact information and a RIDESHARE representative will mail you an application.

Cross state lines when commuting?

Register in both states.

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  • New commuters, register now!
  • After registering - run a match list, contact your matches, and track your commute for a record of your savings.

  • Already registered? Log in!
  • Log in/update your profile, run new match lists, track your commute, retrieve forgotten passwords.

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