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Missing or damaged signs

Weathered and faded Rustic Road sign

Weathered and faded
Rustic Road sign

Current WisDOT sign policy

WisDOT furnishes and pays for damaged or missing Rustic Road signs on the local system. The local government is responsible for identifying missing signs, furnishing the post, and installing the Rustic Road signs.

WisDOT will furnish, pay and install replacement signs for damaged or missing Rustic Road signs on the State Trunk Highway system.

Eligible signs

WisDOT is currently giving priority to replacing missing or damaged Rustic Road signs. Please fill out the Rustic Roads Signs Order Form to order new signs. This form includes pictures of all the different types of Rustic Roads signs. On the form, find the picture of the type of sign that is missing or damaged. Note the total number by the picture of sign that you need. Please send your order sheet to:

Matt Rauch
Signing and Marking Engineer, WisDOT
Signing and Marking Shop
3609 Pierstorff Street
Madison, WI 53704

Your request will be processed and delivered to the County for your pick-up. The County will notify you when your Rustic Road signs are available.

Questions about layout or placement of Rustic Road signs

For your information, a portion of WisDOT’s Traffic Guidelines Manual is provided here with the guidelines for Rustic Roads signing standards. Figure 1 on Page 2 provides a diagram outlining minimum and optional signing.

If questions about layout or placement of Rustic Road Signs remain, please call your WisDOT region or sub-region contact. The map depicts the region contacts and their phone numbers.

Rustic Road signs on State Trunk Highways

WisDOT is responsible for the replacement and installation of any Rustic Road signs along the State Trunk and US Highway system. If you are aware of any missing, or damaged Rustic Road signs along the State Trunk Highway system, please contact Matt Rauch, (608) 266-0150.

Why bother?

Rustic Road signs are important to travelers who are not familiar with your community or the designated route. They use these signs as a guide for getting to the designated route and as an assurance they are still on the route, especially when there are multiple roads involved. Happy, satisfied travelers will be more inclined to linger in communities, and supporting local businesses by refueling vehicles, or shopping and eating.

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